Slow down, you crazy child.

"You've got your passion, you've got your pride.
But don't you know that only fools are satisfied?
Dream on, but don't imagine they'll all come true.
When will you realize Vienna waits for you?"

One of my favourite song from the first moment I heard it. It's the kind of song you can cry to when you're sad, calm your nerves when you're stressed and smile to because something about it says, "it's going to be okay". This is what I'd like to believe.

My time of the month made me extremely sad on Sunday for no good reason, it was probably one of the worst time of the month ever. I was bawling my eyes out just because I felt like crying. Tonight, that feeling crept back on me and job hunting was definitely not a very good idea. I started thinking about how little time I have left to find a job if I want to stay on in this country. Then my thoughts moved on to how under-qualified I am, all because my degree doesn't sound very useful and I am inexperienced in so many ways. And I thought of how restricted I am in my life because of choices I made.

I really just want to fly away.

The truth is, I have no regrets with choices I have made though. Sure, maybe studying business would seem like a more versatile degree and I probably won't have a million dollar to my name in this lifetime. But I am happy. And I knew right from the start that it's not going to be easy, so I've got no right to complain because at least I've got something to keep me going. I've just got to keep working, and keep trusting.

So suck it time of the month, you can make me cry but I'm going to come out hopeful at the end of the day!

There you go, my first post in the new year and I got a full hormonal-rant for you. I started this post in tears, and I'm ending it with a smile.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013 @ 3:04 AM ∙


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